Starting tomorrow, it’s not a barrier to the public. New x-ray scanners and entrance restrictions are “security enhancements.”

Brave New World alert! Here is the latest from the State Capitol Police, complete with their bold-face fonts, to workers in the state Capitol, including the Connecticut General Assembly:

“It is important to remember, your CGA issued ID/Access badge will be  required in order to gain access into the buildings through the staff/legislator entrances. So please remember to take your badges home with you and to also keep them with you at all times while on the Capitol Complex…

Beginning at the opening of business Thursday August 28, 2014,  the security enhancement will be in place and operational in both the Capitol and Legislative Office Building.  The process for access is the following:


  • Members of the Public
    • The public entrances are located on the west side of both buildings.  Members of the public will be required to walk through a metal detector and have all property scanned through a package scanner.
    • Anyone who does not possess a CGA issued ID/Access card is considered a member of the public.”