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Bridgeport’s summer mayoral throw down for city’s soul
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DPM heading for WVA for the NGA

Just because Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is going out of town for the weekend, joining the National Governors Association summer meeting at the famous Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulphur Springs, West
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Ohio facility, model for troubled CT Juvenile Training School, closed six years ago

In the 68-page report on the troubled Connecticut Juvenile Training School – fast-tracked in 1999 by John Rowland, the disgraced former governor out on appeal on yet another federal felony conviction
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John Rowland, hoping to win appeal of latest federal conviction, has time to read this
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The Postman cometh
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Flags to fly at half-staff through Saturday

In response to a proclamation from the president, Governor Dannel P. Malloy today ordered that U.S. and state flags should continue flying at half-staff through sunset on Saturday, July 25. It’s to
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Governor Dannel P. Malloy celebrates his (working) 60th birthday

It’s the near depths of the summer and one’s 60th birthday would be a perfect excuse to take a long weekend, or something. But Gov. Malloy was out doing his Ever Ready politician thing this morning,
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Holiday highway-death lottery
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Fi$cal year ends in the red. Hello Rainy Day Fund.

The fiscal year that ended at midnight Tuesday was $115.7-million in the red, state Comptroller Kevin Lembo (left) announced Wednesday, warning that the books on 2015 won’t be completed until later
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‘Special’ session turned into new-laws fest, with ‘rats’

Remember when the so-called budget implementers did not contain barely related legislation that amounted to end runs around the legislative vetting process? Neither can the Blogster. Click through the
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