McMahon Attacks Blumenthal for ’89 Tax Hikes. Blumenthal Says in Same Year, McMahon was Tipping Off WWE Doctor to Pending Steroid Probe

Supporters for Dick Blumenthal and Linda McMahon had a lot to chuckle and clap about this morning, continually breaking the request for silence at the big US Senate debate in Norwalk.  McMahon blasted

Crowds Start Dribbling Into Norwalk’s Continental Manor for 2nd US Senate Debate. Can Dawn Be Far Behind?

Nothing like the Merritt Parkway in the predawn bumper-to-bumper drive to illustrate the state’s housing and transportation problems.

McMahon Campaign May Not Be As Close to Blumenthal As They Think

Linda McMahon last week mused about the minimum wage.  The issue was front and center on Monday

It Takes One to Know One? Rowland, the Convicted Former Connecticut Governor, Questions Blumenthal’s Character

WTIC 1080 AM continues to provide unlistenable content, as John “Why Should I Resign If I’ve Done Nothing Wrong?” Rowland a little while ago questioned Attorney General Dick Blumenthal’s character and

What Kind of Appellations Will the Gubernatorial Candidates Use Tonight?

We are about two hours from the gubernatorial showdown at The Bushnell. The Blogster wants to know whether Democrat Dan Malloy will again call Republican Tom Foley “ambassador” tonight, in reference

Hayes, Not Surprisingly, Guilty of Murder in Cheshire Home Invasion. Capital-Penalty Phase Next

Here are statemetns of reaction from Gov. Jodi Rell and Dannel Malloy, the Democratic former Stamford mayor who wants to take her job, on the conviction of  Steven Hayes on 16 counts in the July 2007

Blumenthal to McMahon: No, I Am Not Investigating the WWE

   During tonight’s debate, Attorney General Dick Blumenthal noted that Linda McMahon’s WWE wrestling empire is under investigation for possible state violations on wages and benefits. McMahon said

Rep. Bill Hamzy, R-Plymouth, former GOP state chairman, says what he wants to see tonight

Hamzy, a conservative veteran of the state House and former Republican state chairman, just told the Blogster what he wants to see at the U.S. Senate debate tonight. “I think one of the criticisms of