“Disabled” state retirees were over-paid

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Legislation, putrefaction and a whale of a bad time

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CT Legislature: not quite a Eugene O’Neill tragedy

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Malloy signs “Emily’s Law” safe-boat/towing legislation

Emily Fedorko, the 16-year-old from Greenwich who died in a water-skiing related accident last summer, is the namesake of “Emily’s Law,” which Gov. Malloy has signed. It prohibits children under-16
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Malloy will avoid a session-ending appearance

As the House and Senate scurry to the end of the session, finishing a budget and possibly pushing through legislation aimed at preventing excessive police force, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy won’t be
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Looney on the verge of calling question

The GOP Senate filibuster on the budget has stopped, as Senate President Marty Looney called for a parliamentary inquiry that could lead to a rare call-of-the-question, ending debate for a vote.
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Sharkey tells Fasano to mind his own chamber

HARTFORD – Len Fasano, Senate GOP leader, blamed Speaker of the House Brendan Sharkey for keeping lawmakers overnight, until he gathered enough support to pass the budget 73-70 at 10:30 a.m. It then
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Sharkey, harkening undead, coins budget moniker

The sun was well up this morning and the interstates were humming around Hartford, as the House of Representatives continued their all-nighter into the mid-morning. While the fragile Democratic
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