It’s 1 a.m. Do you know where your state budget is?

The House has put the finishing touch on the 2015 legislative season, voting  the final piece of legislation that will kick off the next fiscal year in about 23 hours. The two-hour debate culminated
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Close but no dice for medical-marijuana expansion

Among the plethora of new pieces of legislation floating in the massive budget implementer being debated in the Senate before heading to the House, is one sentence on line 310 of Senate Amendment C,
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First in ….heartburn?

Nestled in the budget implementer on the Senate floor Monday night, is a ceremonial naming of the newish food-service┬ákiosk located on the third floor of the Legislative Office Building. It’s being
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“Maurice Sendak Memorial Highway” takes Ridgefield road

Here’s the annual list of memorialized highways, bridges and driveways in the budget under discussion Monday in the Capitol, with western Connecticut areas in boldface. Maurice Sendak, (left) the late
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Youth athletic leagues to provide concussion info

  The budget bill under discussion and debate Monday includes a section that starting January 1 of next year, would require youth athletic activity operators to give parents and guardians annual
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New state budget would ban “microbeads”

The budget bills under discussion and possible debate today, first in the Senate, then the House, would ban so-called microbeads, those small plastic chunks that are used as exfoliates and such.
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Budget: state would take control of Bridgeport Harbor

The budget language up for votes in the Senate and House today includes provisions for the state to take over Connecticut’s deep-water harbors, including Bridgeport, (Pleasure Beach photo by Dixon)
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Honor (?) women with an $8 bill    
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