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What mothers really want

Did you know that according the the US Census Bureau, there are 85.4 million mothers in the USA. Most of those mothers are busy and stressed, in fact according to the average mom in our survey puts herself at 8.5 out of 10 for stress. That’s a lot of moms and a lot of stress! And when mom is stressed it has a big impact on their children.


Before I wrote my book Beyond Soccer Mom, strategies for a fabulous balanced life, I decided to do my own research to find out what moms wanted more of and less of in their lives. The results from 72 mothers is very revealing.


Talking to and coaching women I became aware that they are seeking advice on how to achieve all of this from a wide variety of sources. But many are so busy that they find it hard to find reliable sources. So an idea came to me and this idea has become The Busy Mom Show!

The Busy Mom show is designed just for…yes, you guessed it busy moms! And the great news is that the shows will provide great content for this blog.

The Busy Mom Show will be a weekly show, designed around the lives of busy moms. I will interview experts on topics which will help moms thrive: health, happiness, performance, relationships, business, beauty, fashion, finances, relationships, parenting and much more. The show will be recorded live, online with a live audience to ask questions, it will be posted on youtube, The Busy Mom Show Website and be available as a podcast, so moms can watch or listen when it’s convenient for you.

The first show was April 23rd, I will be interviewed Bill Poett, Founder of the True North Academy and author of ABC of Peak Performance and Live and Love Fearlessly. Bill and I discussed recovering from adversity, his Warrior Heart Project, the True North Compass Tool and the power of forgiveness. Click to watch.

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The Busy Mom Show




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