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Are you living life all the way?

13 years ago I found myself stressed, depressed, unhealthy and certainly not thriving. My sons had both been seriously ill and for a long time the focus had been on them and not me, for very good reason. I loved my boys and my husband and spending time with them but I was exhausted and burnt out. I didn’t sleep through the night for about five years and there were times, when I barely went to bathroom alone! Not only did it affect my health and wellbeing, but it also affected my family.

Thankfully I discovered personal development at that time and began to shift, just a little of the focus back to me: to eating right, exercising, learning new things, and having fun! Fast forward to today and my mission is to help other mothers create balanced lives and to go beyond that to create fabulous, happy, healthy, successful, abundant lives SO they and they family will thrive.

Yesterday on The Busy Mom Show I interviewed Aliza Freedman, Chief Firestarter of Living All the Way, a women’s empowerment group. Aliza and I share a common mission, but her work involved organizing novel, fun, educational, inspirational events for women, in Fairfield County CT. Aliza organizes weekly events for women to meet new friends, connect with old ones and generally let their hair down.

The Busy Mom Show with Dr Leonaura Rhodes and Aliza Freedman

The Busy Mom Show with Dr Leonaura Rhodes and Aliza Freedman

Aliza and I talked about the importance of living an authentic life, a life true to who you are at your core. We discussed the potential harm, that neglecting our own needs can cause to ourselves and our families. Aliza talked about her journey as a mother of three, two of whom have special needs and how she ended up feeling she was losing herself. Her awesome advice for women who feel something is missing in their life:

  • take a step back and center yourself, so that you can move forward in confidence
  • enlist support
  • clear your decks and get focused on what you want
  • commit and do something daily towards your goals
  • leave yourself with a safety net, when you are planning change

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Happy balanced mom

Happy balanced mom


Dr Leonaura Rhodes