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Are you truly thriving?

As a coach, people often ask me “so how do I create my dream life?” My answer: begin my getting in touch with your authentic self. Living a life true to your authentic self is the key to thriving in all areas of your life. It is the key to increasing your happiness, health, success and abundance.


Your authentic self is who you are at your core, free from assumptions. It is uniquely yours. Yet over time, many of us lose touch with our authentic selves and end up living lives, that conflict with what we really want and need, deep down.


Your authentic self is determined by many things: including your unique genetics, your environment and how you have processed the events and experiences in your life. You think differently, see differently, hear differently, feel differently, interpret differently and even taste and smell differently from every other person on the planet.


In my coaching and my book Beyond Soccer Mom, strategies for a fabulous balanced life, I teach a model for reconnecting with your  authentic self, to help you create a life that will truly help you thrive. Your authentic self has many facets, rather like the leaves on a tree. Your authentic self is constantly, yet subtly changing and evolving, due to changes in the weather of your life.

Let your authentic self shine!

Let your authentic self shine!

7 core facets of your authentic self

Briefly the 7 facets of authentic self, that I have encountered most often in coaching are:

  • Your personal perspective on your life and your world; on your past, your present and your future.

  • Your core values or the personal rules you live by.

  • Your strengths and weaknesses, the things you are good at and the things you are bad at. We all have them! Our weaknesses are often the main courses for lack of success.

  • Your passions: the things you love and the things you hate! Passion focuses and arouses your brain and body, putting it in an alert state.

  • Your needs or drives: the things you need in your life, to feel like you are thriving.

  • Your purpose: Living with purpose means that you live with determination and resolution to reach your goals. When you consciously live with purpose, you will be more focused and productive.

  • Your thought patterns: including your negative and positive thought patterns, your habits, attitudes, beliefs, regrets, hopes and dreams.


Once you are more connected with your authentic self, you can begin to consciously create a life that will make you feel that you are thriving. Ignore your authentic self and no matter how hard you work, no matter how much money or possessions you have, you may feel like something is missing in your life.


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