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Kiss goodbye to yo-yo dieting

This week on The Busy Mom Show I interviewed Ellie Savoy, holistic health coach and owner of Diet Free and Healthy. Ellie helps people learn to manage their weight and improve their health, by learning how to change their mindset and develop a more healthy relationship to food, rather than by dieting, which rarely leads to lasting change .

Ellie and I talked about the need to shift mindset from focusing on our weight, to focusing on our health. Sure there is a link between extremes of weight and health problems, but not all slim people are healthy.

Ellie explained that the one of the common excuses for not eating healthily are the cost of healthy food. She explained that this can be tackled with a simple mindshift: buying healthy food is an investment in your future health and may decrease work days lost and the health-care costs due to illness. She advised that we plan our meals in advance, to prevent those stressed, hungry moments when we reach for comfort food.

Ellie’s 3 quick tips for optimizing your weight:

1. Drink plenty of water: our body often confuses thirst for hunger. So, if you feel hungry between meals, take a drink first, you may find your hunger vanish.

2. Read the labels and avoid highly processed foods. These foods have been linked to inflammation and to many chronic illnesses.

3. Get enough sleep: insufficient quality sleep has been linked to weight gain


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The Busy Mom Show with guest Ellie Savoy

The Busy Mom Show with guest Ellie Savoy



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