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7 ways to reconnect with your authentic self

Now I don’t know about you, but I am very different from the person I was ten years ago, or even one year ago. Every now and again, I take some time to reconnect with my authentic self: who I am at my core. Why, you may ask, is that important? Well, I believe that most of us deserve to be happy, healthy, successful and abundant in our lives. And, I have found that if people are not in touch with their authentic self, they make decisions which prevent themselves from flourishing.

In my book Beyond Soccer Mom: strategies for a fabulous, balanced life, I devote a whole chapter to the exploration of authentic self. I urge my readers to take a journey of honest self reflection to rediscover who they really are.  Then once reconnected with their authentic self, to consciously create a fabulous future life.

Like leaves on a tree, there are many thousands of facets to your authentic self, and your authentic self is constantly changing, influenced by the weather of life. Here we shall consider the seven facets, I see most often in my coaching.

Authentic Self is like the leaves on a tree

Authentic Self is like the leaves on a tree

7 ways to reconnect with your authentic self

Reflect upon:

  • Your personal perspective: of your past, present and future. We all have our own special way of seeing the world. Your perspective is the lens through which you see the world. Two people can experience an identical event but perceive it in totally different ways.
  • Your values: are the personal rules you live by and which give your life meaning. We each have our own unique value system, yet it is likely that you share some of your core values with your family and close friends. Spending time with people who have a very different value system can make you feel uncomfortable, even alone.
  • Your strengths and weaknesses. We all have them, things we are good at and things we are bad at; they don’t make us better or worse than anyone else, just different.
  • Your passions: Passion is a strong emotion.  It can be positive like love or negative like hate. Passion can increase your inspiration, drive and energy.
  • Your needs: the basic human drives, that we seek to meet in order to flourish. These include the need for health, certainty, connection and love, esteem, growth and contribution beyond ourselves.
  • Your sense of purpose: the aim or goal towards which you strive. Living with purpose means that you live with determination and resolve to reach your goals. When you consciously live with purpose, you will be more focused and productive.
  • Your thought patterns: your thoughts are your reality. If you think you are sad, then you are sad. If you think you have an amazing full life, then you have an amazing full life. Not many people realize it, but we can choose to take control of our thoughts and that is when we take control of our own destiny!

Once you are more connected with your authentic self, then it is time to decide on your goals for your future life, and then to plan change strategically. Life, like the weather, will continue to change and happen around you, but once you are connected with your authentic self, your life will be more grounded and certain.

So I urge you to take some time to reconnect with your authentic self and begin consciously creating an amazing future life.

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Dr Leonaura Rhodes