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Abundant living is a few steps away

This week I had the pleasure of being interviewed on LA Talk Radio show, “What Women Want” with Judy Goss. We had a fascinating discussion on the subject of abundance.

Image courtesy of iStock. Lady shopping

Image courtesy of iStock. Lady shopping

What is abundance?

We began by discussing a definition of abundance: of having what you want in life in plentiful amounts. Many people think of abundance as being about having financial wealth but it is rarely money that people really want more of: it is what money can afford them that people really desire. In my Magic Wand Survey of 72 women revealed that the top things women wanted more of were: time, balance, happiness/joy, money/financial security, love/connection, peace, fun, passion, excitement, energy and quality time with their family. More money can certainly help you afford more of these but many of them can be achieved with little or no money.


How to create more abundance

Step 1: Reconnect with your authentic self

Reconnect with who you are deep down. Reflect on things like: your perspective on your life, your values, passions and drives. Who we are, changes slowly and subtly over time.Then decide what you want more of in the future.  If you fail to do this step you may work hard towards your goals only to find you are still dissatisfied.


Step 2: Plan change

Don’t leave your future happiness to chance: an idea without action is just a dream. We have to take personal responsibility for our lives and plan change. Sure things may not go to plan: life/God/the universe have a nasty habit of throwing us curve balls, but if we plan and take action we are much more likely to succeed. Once you have a plan: TAKE ACTION!


Step 3: Increase the health of your body and mind

A healthy body and mind is the key to noticing the abundance already around you and attracting more abundance into your life. Health is your greatest wealth, and optimizing it will always improve your life. Mindfulness is a great place to start.


Mindfulness practice which is a fabulous way to calm the mind and refocus your thoughts. Mindfulness practice ranges from meditation, focused breathing, gratitude journaling, talking a walk in nature (and really stopping to notice what’s around you) through to yoga.

Gratitude journaling

Gratitude journaling is good for your brain: spending time writing down all of the things you are grateful for, now or in the past. You already have a great deal of abundance in your life, take the time to notice it.

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Dr Leonaura Rhodes