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How to ensure back to school success

Have you noticed the occasional chill in the air? Nature’s subtle way of telling us it’s nearly time for the kids to return to school. The return to school can be a difficult transition for some children, and parents. For those who have not had much structure during the vacation, those who are moving to a new school and those who dislike or struggle at school, the transition can be most difficult. I have worked with many children with ADHD, autism and other special needs and these children need the transition to be very carefully planned. So what can you do to ease the transition?



The new school year is a time of opportunity to set up your child for a successful year. It is a time filled with anticipation, excitement and worry. Your child needs to feel that you and home are a safe place, where they are supported and certain. Spending a little time to get this process right, will save countless hours of frustration and upset, throughout the year.

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Dr Leonaura Rhodes