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RVNA Celebrates Year of Growth & Building at Last Night’s Autumn Dinner

The RVNA, together with community members and supporters, celebrated a year of growth and building at their Annual Autumn Dinner which took place last night at Silver Spring Country Club. With so much

Drink Pink for Ann’s Place on Wednesday, October 5 at Bernard’s in Ridgefield

The 7th Annual Drink Pink at Bernard’s to benefit Ann’s Place will take place on Wednesday, October 5! Want to be tickled pink? Head to Bernard’s in Ridgefield on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 from 6:00

Colgate Freshman & Ridgefield Resident Carey Depuy Legal to Carry Passengers at time of Sunday’s Plane Crash

A Temporary Airman Certificate allows the certificate holder to carry passengers legally, they do not need to have an instructor flying with them.
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Ridgefield: bonding during tough times & celebrating joys

HamletHub exists to showcase the beauty in communities; to capture the pride, joy, service, and commitment of locals toward the place they call home.
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Introducing ‘Ridgefield’s Unsung Heroes’

idgefield’s Unsung Heroes spans the spectrum of people who work in the town, volunteer their time, or constantly preach about the beauty of Ridgefield; the town they call home. It is my belief that these men and women are the foundation of Ridgefield, and without a solid foundation, a structure is guaranteed to fail in attempting to hold itself up
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The New York Times is Sparkling Prospector Style

What do NBC Nightly News, ESPN, The New York Yankees, and the New York Times have in common? The Prospector Theater in Ridgefield, Connecticut. The 57 million  adults living with some form of
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Ridgefield resident upholds the legacy of Al Hirschfeld & will be honored at Playhouse Gala

I’m doing what George started and I’m enjoying it just as much as he did. We have it. We want to share it. We want to support all of these cultural organizations – Alexandra Goodstadt This year’s Arts

The 6th Annual Drink Pink event is Wednesday, October 14 at Bernard’s in Ridgefield

Live music, cocktails, nibbles, and the color pink will be the backdrop for an evening of friendship and camaraderie that supports Danbury Hospital Breast Cancer Program and Ann’s Place – two local nonprofit organizations that help cancer victims, survivors and their caregivers.