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Recycle Bins Get the GREEN Light on Ridgefield’s Main Street

An “Earth Day” Gift for Main Street

It looks like recycle bins are getting a “GREEN” light in Ridgefield. RACE (Ridgefield Action Committee for the Environment) set the wheels in motion, but it is Ridgefield High School sophomore and young environmentalist, Alex Hance who took the ball and ran with it. “I was looking to fill a need in the town”. Hance, a Boy Scout in Ridgefield’s troop #76, was eager to take on a project worthy of earning him the esteemed title, “Eagle Scout”.

Hance met with Marconi who had already gathered information on the subject due to RACE’s initiative. “He gave me all of the material he had,” explains Hance. “He told me that the recycle bins would have to look like the garbage bins on Main Street and I took it from there.” Hance decided on a style that would look identical to the garbage bins with one exception: “They will have a 5 inch hole on top as opposed to 8 inches.” This smaller opening will fit cans and bottles.

Hance determined that a total of 8 bins were needed to cover Main Street and Bailey Ave. While RACE was originally quoted a price in excess of $600 per bin, Hance did his homework and found the bins wholesale from Rubbermaid for $480, a savings of over $200 per bin. Yet, even with this significant savings, money was an obstacle. “My big challenge was funding, where was $4000 going to come from?”

The end to his financial woes ended when his story came out on the front page The Ridgefield Press. “After the Press article, many people came forth and offered to fund.” In addition to RACE, Hance’s first sponsor, Hudson Baylor recycling company and some private individuals wanted to donate bins. “Without the Press article, I don’t think I’d have the funding right now.” Hance is showing his gratitude by placing donor plates on each of the eight bins. “We want to recognize the people that came forward,” says Hance.

So, when can we expect the new recycle bins? Hance would like to celebrate Earth Day 2010 by welcoming the new recycle bins to downtown Ridgefield. Should you happen to run into Alex Hance, be sure to thank him for fulfilling this tremendous need in our town. Oh, and congratulate him on becoming an Eagle Scout.

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Kerry Anne Ducey