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In the Kitchen: The SoNo Baking Company Cookbook

Baking with my Mother-in-law: Up First: John Barricelli’s Sarah Bernhardts

Have you tried any recipes from the new SoNo Baking Company Cookbook yet? The owner of The SoNo Bakery in Norwalk and author of the fabulous cookbook was in Ridgefield signing copies of his book a few weeks back.  Since my mother-in-law is baker extraordinaire, I picked up a copy of the cookbook for her.

Upon dropping it off in Garden City, Ny, I decided to stay a while (or the weekend to be exact) and of course, we cracked open  a fine bottle of chardonnay- sipping as we browsed through the pages of delectable recipes contained within the cookbook.

After our first glass of wine, we had already decided upon a recipe- one we agreed we’d make together:  Sarah Bernhardts (page 78). The thing of it was, the first step required a six hour period in the frig.  We had better get started, we both thought. So, we did what all good bakers do, poured ourselves a second glass of wine and hit the kitchen.

Thankfully, being that my mother-in-law bakes daily, she had ingredients galore and we did not have to hit the aisles of the grocery store (who’d want to do that after chardonnay?) We turned to page 169 and began following the recipe for ganache.  Of course we dipped into the chocolate mixture several times to assure it’s consistency was just right.  It was nearly 8:00pm when we finished and time for the ganache to hit the cold refrigerator for a night’s rest.

The next morning we awoke, feeling great.  With coffee cup in hand, we checked to see if the ganache slept as well as we had.  It looked perfect. Next step: make the macaroons (page 76).  Let me tell you, almond macaroon batter and coffee go together better than peanut butter and jelly.  We filled each cookie with the ganache mixture creating something that looked similar to a Hershey’s Kiss.  It was time for chillin’ in the frig again (30minutes).

What to do for 30 minutes…between last night’s wine and chocolate and the morning batter we did what most guilt-ridden girls would do- we went for a run.  Yes, my 74 year old  mother-in-law runs faster than I do (seriously).  Just like baking, running is something she makes a habit of.

A few calories burned and now time to complete the Sarah Bernhardts. I wonder if John has as much fun baking as we do.

Up next- the last step.Twelve ounces of semi-sweet chocolate and some vegetable oil; this is tricky  because the glaze can’t be too hot or too cold (just like Goldilocks).  It is time for dippin’ and sippin’ (water this time- we just ran, remember?).

Ah, the thrill of creating beautiful and delicious cookies with your mother-in-law.  Don’t ask where the kids and husbands were during our baking party. That’s another story entirely.

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Kerry Anne Ducey