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“Don’t Stop the Party” HamletHub Flash Mob at First Night

On New Year’s Eve,  in the middle of downtown Danbury, in the midst of hundreds of  First Night attendees, about 40 enthusiastic people broke out into a Flash Mob. The group, led by Ridgefield Fitness Zumba instructors, Jenny Conch and Naomi Riek, danced to Pit Bull’s “Don’t Stop the Party”.

“About a month ago, I put a note on our HamletHub Facebook page asking if anyone was interested in participating,” said Flash Mob organizer, Kerry Anne Ducey. While the details of the event remained secret to the public, Ducey contacted each interested participant and arranged rehearsal dates. “Sue Johnstone, the owner of Ridgefield Fitness was great- she allowed us to practice at the gym,” explained Ducey.

The group convened at about 7:15 last night, immersed themselves in the crowd until they heard their song being played. “To everyone’s surprise, during the grand finale of First Night, the Flash Mob broke out- at first it was only Jenny and Naomi dancing, but quickly, all joined in,” said Ducey.

HamletHub didn’t stop the party.

It’s been a long, tough few months for all of us- it was such a breath of fresh air to watch this whole event unfold. It was exactly what we all needed,” said Ducey.

If you are kicking yourself because you wish you attended First Night, or better yet, participated in the Flash Mob, don’t fret. HamletHub’s newest media partner, ‘Dean’s Hub TV’, directed and produced by Dean Arrindell, captured the event on tape. Click here to watch!

Kerry Anne Ducey