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The Bright Future on the Big Screen: Prospector Theater Shop on Main Street

Written by Ellie Coleman Main Street strollers have been curiously gazing into 454 Main Street, the former home of Butterflies & Zebras, in wonder of the new business that recently moved in. Turns out, the space has been leased to The Prospector Theatre, which is being erected behind The Ridgefield Library. Hamlethub spoke with Val Jensen, […] [Read More]

Readers Ask, First Selectman Rudy Marconi Answers

  Written by Shane Donnelly and Justin Picard         Q: Can you comment on the recent events involving John Valuzzo?   A: I met John Valuzzo once or twice…It’s an unfortunate situation. When there are two people with guns in a confrontation, the outcome will not be good…the officer responded to a […] [Read More]

Senator Blumenthal Visits Wilton Family & Brings Awareness to Pediatric Strokes

   Written by Ellie Coleman Editors note: Jennifer Angerame, Patch’s mom, is our HamletHub Wilton editor. “Everybody loves Patch,” Jennifer Angerame, Patch’s mom, told Senator Richard Blumenthal yesterday. With a smile that lights up the room and eyes filled with wonder, it’s easy to see why. “He’s the man,” Blumenthal agreed as he beamed down […] [Read More]

Ridgefield’s Blue Face Mystery – SOLVED.

Written by Ellie Coleman by Ellie Coleman HamletHub is proud to announce that we have solved the popular long-running “Blue Face Mystery”! Tree slices with faces painted on them, as shown here, have been inspiring interesting explanations from our readers since 2011. A recent exclusive interview with Ridgefield’s self-titled “community artist”, who wishes to remain […] [Read More]

Ridgefield High School’s Favorite Colleges in 2013

  Written by Shane Donnelly by Shane Donnelly, HamletHub Intern Every year, there are a variety of colleges that the bulk of Ridgefield students apply to. What are the “popular universities ” this year? I met with some folks in the guidance office to find out. I was informed that a fair amount of seniors […] [Read More]

Third Saturdays at The Aldrich Inspires Young Minds to Think Outside of the Lines

        A two year old pondering the abstract nature of art that has been created using the mundane ballpoint pen? Yup.   Michelle Friedman, Youth and Family Programs for The Aldrich, and Extreme Draw On! intern, Angela Rountos, encouraged children aged 2 through 10, to dig deep into the meaning and technique of […] [Read More]

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum offers families a delightfully creative way to spend Saturday

  Third Saturdays: Family Art Experiences at The Aldrich Bringing the museum exhibits to the fingertips of children, while encouraging families to explore, imagine, and create together is whatThe Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum has designed the Third Saturday of the month for. “The Aldrich is a place where families can come and learn and play together,” explains Aldrich […] [Read More]

PTP of Ridgefield Announces “Freedom to Lose”

Written by Chris Carlson PTP of Ridgefield is offering the “Freedom to Lose” Are you tired of feeling overweight and overwhelmed? Do you feel like you can’t seem to get a hold of your own health? Are you ready to take back your life? Take a deep breath and keep reading because this is a […] [Read More]