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Kerry Anne Ducey

One of the first responders on 9.11.01 tells his story

Frank D’Aleo, the owner of a home building and remodeling company, left the Main Street home he was working on and walked a few blocks north to meet me at Tazza Cafe in Ridgefield. His broad smile and friendly demeanor brought a warm spirit to the already sunny Friday afternoon. One would never guess the […] [Read More]

It’s ‘All in the Family’ at Landmark Preschool in Redding

Brothers Mark & Paul Sims of Ridgefield Happy Landmark Parents, Sean & Margaret Price-Sims Two year old Elleana Derby From the first little footstep that eagerly ran through the gates of the playground at Landmark Preschool in Redding, it was clear that this was more than a school, it was a family. Tucked away on […] [Read More]

Getting Hungry – my meeting with Southwest Cafe owner Barb Nevins

I stopped by Southwest Café last week to chat with owner Barbara Nevins about some exciting events she has planned for Café’s 25th Anniversary. Conversation ensued about how it all began –packed with abundant culture and flavor, the legendary eatery has remained a town favorite for more than two decades.  And, Barb has beautifully woven […] [Read More]

In Search of a Summer Swim? 10 Sandy Shores Near Ridgefield

Written by Adrienne Burke Seaside Park in Bridgeport (photo: bethannebee via flickr) Today’s cool and rainy weather might make this week’s heat wave seem a distant memory, but here’s where to head when the next one hits. These beaches at a lake, a pond, the Housatonic River, and the Long Island Sound are all within […] [Read More]

A father’s journey, with his autistic son, to a field of dreams

Visiting Holland Garry Berger has always loved sports, and, like many parents, longed for the day he could share this joy with his child. “One of the fun things I was looking forward to was to play sports and coach the teams,” Berger says. But when his first son Max was born, Berger felt as […] [Read More]

It was a very Happy Birthday for Ridgefielder Rick Tango

Ridgefield resident, Rick Tango, celebrated his birthday yesterday- it was one he won’t soon forget. He picked up a brand new Mercedes Benz. The best part? He didn’t pay a penny for it. Rick attended ‘Margarita Monday’ at the Southwest Cafe, an event that benefited The Ridgefield Playhouse Outreach Program, and purchased the grand prize […] [Read More]

A Wolf in Ridgefield? Now, That had People Talking!

by Terri Woods Garlick The other day on @HamletHubRidge (our twitter name) and our Facebook page (Talk of the Town) we mentioned that someone reported seeing a grey wolf in the southern part of Ridgefield, and boy, did that get people talking, posting and tweeting! On Twitter, we had followers retweeting and replying, but the […] [Read More]

Spring Into Fashion Event at The Ridgefield Playhouse, Wednesday, May 23, raises funds for local charities

Written by Susan Dumont Bangston “It’s such a good feeling to have fun with fashion and do something good for two local charities at the same time,” explains Allison Stockel, Executive Director of The Ridgefield Playhouse, about an upcoming event that will raise funds for the Women’s Center of Greater Danbury and the Playhouse Arts […] [Read More]