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Kerry Anne Ducey


Contact for media:  Belvedere Communications, (203) 604-4478 RIDGEFIELD, CT, April 26, 2012 – Kerry Anne Ducey, Editor in Chief of the HamletHub news website in Ridgefield and sister sites in communities throughout Connecticut, has won a prestigious Connecticut Press Club Award for original journalism published to the Web.  Ms. Ducey will accept her award at […] [Read More]

Guess who is buried in the Ridgebury Cemetery?

by Terri Woods Garlick There comes a time in every child’s life, when they realize that maybe their father isn’t the smartest man in the world.  But just the other day, after a conversation with my father, I was reminded that maybe mine still is. My octogenerian father is what you might call a history buff – always reading biographies and […] [Read More]

Why so blue? Ridgefielders want to know

We’ve been posting about the blue faces for quite some time now. In fact, we have a few eye witness accounts of ‘blue face’ activity. Just yesterday, one of our readers noticed one of the blue faces missing (at the end of Lakeside, opposite Fox Hill Lake). Her response to this situation? “Boo” is what […] [Read More]

Ridgefield Celebrates 100 Years of Girl Scouts with a BIG PARTY!

Sophia Diagle, Hailey DeWalt & Katie Gilliand enjoying the celebration! The Ridgefield Community Center was hopping today with community members who came out to support and celebrate the 100 Year Anniversary of The Girl Scouts. The fun and historical event was organized by longtime Ridgefield resident and dedicated Girl Scout leader, Carol O’Connell.  Although O’Connell’s […] [Read More]

“The Fish Guy” on Route 7!

Fresh fish has come back to Route 7! Every Friday and Saturday (all day long & all year long), in front of Redding Veternary Hospital, you will see a big white fish truck. “The Fish Guy” is ready, willing and able to help you make the finest fish selections. Questions? Email: TheFishGuyLLC@yahoo.com Read more on […] [Read More]

With A Little Help From My Friends ~ Divorced Women & Wine

One hundred forty eight women from in and around Fairfield County have found laughter where there once were tears, roses in a bush of thorns. Together, they have rebuilt and restored- not only their personal lives, but the lives of their families. The women all have something in common: divorce. Divorced Women and Wine, is […] [Read More]

ROAR with Laughter Will Feature a “Farm to Table” Dining Experience

Written by Meg Reilly The “Farm to Table” sponsors pictured from left to right: Joe and Ilsa Keller and their son Harlan from Garden of Ideas, Sarah Bouissou from Bernard’s, along with Pam Rybarczyk from ROAR. Missing is Monica Brown from 109 Cheese & Wine By Meg Reilly Expect lively bidding at this year’s ROAR […] [Read More]

Ridgefield Cyber-Bullying Scandal Has Enormous Impact

“I’m so proud to be a Tiger. And a gay one, at that, ” says 2011 RHS Valedictorian Patrick Ford-Matz By Dia Sharma, HamletHub Intern Last night, the Facebook and Twitter homepages of current and graduated Ridgefield High School students were flooded with outspoken statuses regarding a recent Twitter account which targeted gay and lesbian […] [Read More]

HamletHub Founder Speaks at University of Bridgeport Interactive Writing Class

Mike Lauterborn in front of his ‘Writing for Interactive Media’ class *Thanks to Fairfield HamletHub editor, Mike Lauterborn for writing this great article. He captures the entrepreneural spirit of the Hubs and encourages his students to bring their writing to the next level through creative online media. Bridgeport, CT – What better way to show […] [Read More]

Life Lessons Abound in the Award Winning Film BUCK Produced & Directed by Local, Cindy Meehl

You may not believe that someone with a background in fashion and art and no prior movie making experience is capable of directing and producing an award winning film on their first try. You may also find it hard to believe that watching a movie about horses can be so thought provoking that it leads […] [Read More]