In search of the worst sports day on the calendar…

I come in search of the worst because, as you may gather, the worst fascinates me. On the morning of the NBA Draft, I wondered not about the all-time great steals, but about the blunders. Like the
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Myles Mack (AP)

Rutgers corrects Tuesday’s “miscommunication,” wouldn’t it be cool if the B1G could do the same?

  Let’s all take five minutes to make fun of Rutgers. Because if basketball is Connecticut’s No. 1 pastime, belittling the state university of New Jersey is making a strong push for runner-up. To
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Kevin Ollie and Andre Iguodala (AP)

Kevin Ollie’s connections in the NBA playoffs

  The best NBA first round in years has been overshadowed by a very wrinkly, very obese owner who very badly needs to take his $1.9 billion and buy a time machine that can transport him from the
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Montrezl Harrell (AP)

Bracket Thoughts: Feb. 25

  *It’s appalling that so many reputable bracket projections (ESPN, CBS Sports, USA Today) have Louisville as a No. 5 seed. Look, I get the whole resume and RPI argument, but c’mon. I can’t name
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Temple and Rutgers (AP)

The Bottom Five of The American…

  We’ve now had the pleasure of watching the five schools vying for the bottom of The American — Houston, Rutgers, Temple and the Floridas, both South and Central. Tonight, I’ve taken on the
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Peyton Manning (AP)

If Peyton Manning loses tonight….

    I’m not going to tell you how to feel about Peyton Manning, because that’s pointless. You feel how you feel. No blog post will change that. I will tell you, though, that I don’t
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Marshawn Lynch on Media Day (AP)

My Super Bowl Experience (ghostwritten by Marshawn Lynch)

  I was told I should blog about my experience covering Super Bowl media week, but I am very tired, so I’ll write this post like a Marshawn Lynch interview. Should be easy enough. On my
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Breanna Stewart, Niels Giffey during UConn's First Night (AP)

The Power Five’s effect on women’s basketball…and some NFL

  Sometime soon, the Power Five football conferences will fund student-athlete stipends. That’s as safe a bet as Auburn was with the 10.5 point spread in the national championship game. UConn’s
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