2011 News-Times Cup

Ridgefield boys lacrosse (top left), Newtown girls basketball (top right), Brookfield softball (bottom left) and Watertown/Pomperaug hockey (bottom right) celebrate championship game victories.

Which area high school had the best year? Which had the worst? Which was just average?

In my opinion, the best way to answer those questions is to leave out my opinion (sorry, if that’s confusing). That’s why we have the News-Times Cup.

For the second consecutive year, I’ll rank the athletic success of the 12 high schools in the Greater Danbury area using a simple, yet effective, formula that you can find below.

These rankings, accompanied by a column about the No. 1 school, will appear in The News-Times on Sunday, June 19.

The following week, starting on Wednesday and concluding on Sunday (June 26), I’ll be ranking the “Top 25 area athletes in the Class of 2011.” Here’s some more information about both countdowns.

News-Times Cup Formula: State Championship (Class OR Open) = 25 points; State Runner-Up = 15; State Semis = 10; State quarters = 6; Conference Champ = 15; Conference Runner-Up = 10; Conference Semis = 8; Winning Record= 4; Win Percentage X 10 = X (a team that was 9-1 would get nine points for this category because its win percentage was .90)

Note: For sports like cross country and wrestling, finishing in the top four constitutes reaching the semis.

Once I’ve added up the points from each team in each school, I’ll divide the total points by the total number of teams (Immaculate, for example, would be at a disadvantage if the schools were ranked by total points because they don’t have swimming). So, each school will be left with one number. For example, if Pomperaug totals 400 points and has 20 teams, then the Panthers’ number would be 20.

2010 News-Times Cup: Pomperaug ran away with that thing. The Panthers had another dominant year in 2010-11, but I wouldn’t expect the numbers to be so one-sided this time (Last year, Pomperaug’s final number was over 18 and the second-place school checked in around 14).

Because I haven’t crunched the numbers yet, I’m willing to throw a prediction out there: My head says Pomperaug once again. My heart says….well, my heart says nothing because as an unbiased journalists I do not favor one school over another.

Seriously, though, I think Ridgefield, Danbury Newtown and Brookfield will be in the mix as well.

Check it out on Sunday.