Should UConn play in Fairfield County?

It’s obvious why Webster Bank Arena wants to host UConn regular season games.

But does such a move make sense for UConn?

I examined the issue Sunday (you can read here), and arrived at the conclusion that, yes, a single regular season game makes sense under specific circumstances: It must be during the students’ winter break and it against an opponent that wouldn’t pack the XL Center (think Maryland-Eastern Shore or Fordham for the men). Give us your opinion below.

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4 Responses

  1. Not Available in the Area says:

    Cablevision, the NY Yankees and the NY Rangers will not allow NESN in Fairfield County where people want it so why should they allow UCONN here?

  2. toto says:

    By all means they should play some MENS games at Harbor Yards. Not the women! People will not go to see thirty point blowouts unless its in the NCAA tournament.

  3. Ryan says:

    I’m sure that people in Fairfield County would love to see UConn playing some home games in Bridgeport but overall I think it’s a bad idea. As a season ticket holder (Storrs)I would hate to see any more games taken off campus. Even though Hartford is a much closer drive, games at the XL center are pretty bad. Building is half empty, little student support unless its Syracuse, and people sitting on their hands. I know this will never happen but I wish UConn played all of their home games on campus. Duke has a small gym but they don’t play home games anywhere besides Cameron Indoor, not in Raleigh at the RBC center or anywhere else in the state. Playing half of the games in Hartford is bad enough, but the plus side (from UConns point of view) is more people in attendance. Webster Bank is smaller than Gampel, idk, I’m just rambling now. Hope they don’t decide to do this.

  4. jasg05 says:

    It would be great for UCONN to play a basketball game at the Webster Bank Arena. But I for one have been turned off by the extra fees and parking situation.
    Three tickets for the series face value reads $150.00, but with fees it came to $192.85. That was with me picking the tickets at will call and not being mailed.
    The parking at the lots was $20.00. Some tickets were face value of $17.50. It is crazy that it was more to park than for the ticket!
    I doubt that many people will go to the Webster Bank Arena for a second game after being so legally ripped off.