Purvis, Hamilton two big steps for Huskies


Ever since Jim Calhoun retired, ever since the conference situation went from “this could be trouble” to “well, that happened fast,” the most pressing question for UConn has been clear: Can Kevin Ollie recruit elite talent in spite of the Huskies’ league affiliation?

The addition of Rodney Purvis and a verbal commitment from 2014 wing Daniel Hamilton mark two huge steps for UConn.  You can read my take here.

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  1. Mike McManus says:

    I certainly agree with your assessment. In addition to Kevin Ollie’s performance this past season and the reputation that he has, a lot of credit should be given to the UCONN team that over-performed and never quit despite what the doom-sayers predicted. As one player commented, watching the team beat MSU on national TV and the many other impressive victories, especially against Syracuse had to impress many recruits.