The Duffle Bag: June 24

Aaron Hernandez (AP)

Aaron Hernandez (AP)

As I write this, Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez hasn’t been charged with a crime, although multiple media outlets have reported that an arrest warrant has been prepared on obstruction of justice charges.

These days, you can’t believe everything you read. It’s a mad scramble to get the news first and, unfortunately, false reports occasionally leak onto the web.

The counterpoint to that: When police have searched your home multiple times, when officers reportedly spent Monday  in scuba gear searching nearby waters, when you’ve allegedly destroyed your home surveillance system and your cell phone, when you’ve hired a cleaning service to scrub your mansion…well, that doesn’t look so good.

Sometimes rich people hire maids. Sometimes they smash their cell phones when they don’t get good reception. Or when texts arrive as green instead of blue.

But you don’t get the feeling that’s the case with Hernandez.

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**Another New England saga — not quite as serious — reportedly ended Sunday when the Celtics agreed to “trade” coach Doc Rivers to the Clippers for a 2015 first round pick. First off, it’s so strange that a coach can be traded.

Second, it’s so lame that the NBA can block Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett from being included in the deal.

Nonetheless, Boston needs to part ways with the final two pieces of its old Big Three. The run is over, and there’s really no use in keeping them around for a first-round exit next season. Even the Celtics get little in return, unloading Pierce and Garnett would do two things: A.) Clear cap space and B.) Position them to be horrible next season, which could give them a shot at a high pick in a loaded 2014 draft.

**As for the 2013 draft? Not so loaded.

On Thursday, the NBA hosts its worst draft since the turn of the century. There’s no clear-cut No. 1 pick, and Cleveland is rumored to be considering Maryland’s Alex Len, Georgetown’s Otto Porter Jr. and Kentucky’s Nerlens Noel.

Because of his rare athleticism and limited offensive abilities, Noel can draw comparisons to Andre Drummond, a huge question mark in last year’s draft.

But let’s recognize the difference between the teenage big men: Drummond is 270 pounds; Noel is 206. At Noel’s weight, it’ll be awfully difficult to defend the post (except as a weakside shotblocker). Personally, I wouldn’t touch him with the top pick.

Team need aside, I’d rank the top five like this:

1. Anthony Bennett, UNLV — My pick for rookie of the year, regardless of his destination.

2. Ben McLemore, Kansas — Like his game, but the Ray Allen comparisons are a little much.

3. Otto Porter Jr., Georgetown — Won’t be a superstar, but he’s such a complete player. Great complementary piece.

4. Alex Len, Maryland — There aren’t many skilled 7-footers around, which is probably why Len sits atop most mock drafts.

5. Nerlens Noel, Kentucky — I guess I have to put him in the top five, right?