My Super Bowl Experience (ghostwritten by Marshawn Lynch)

Marshawn Lynch on Media Day (AP)

Marshawn Lynch on Media Day (AP)


I was told I should blog about my experience covering Super Bowl media week, but I am very tired, so I’ll write this post like a Marshawn Lynch interview. Should be easy enough.

On my experience: “I’m staying in Jersey City. It’s not Manhattan. It’s not terrible.”

On Jersey City: “The people at my hotel are helpful. ”

On the weather: “It is what it is.”

On my first Super Bowl media day: “It was funny. A guy asked Doug Baldwin if this was a ‘must-win’ game.”

On Baldwin’s response: “He laughed.”

On the New York City nightlife: “I’m only here to work, bro.”

On what I’ve done outside of work: “I drove around the other day.”

On the drive: “It was OK. The radio only plays two songs — Drunk in Love and Show Me.”

On which song is better: “Depends on my mood.”

On the best interview so far: “Derrick Coleman was cool. So was Doug Baldwin.”

On my predictions for the game: “I’m getting this feeling Seattle will win.”

Why?: (silence…puts on sunglasses).

On whether I’d bet on the game: “I’m just about my writing.”

On whether I’d gamble at all: “Not really.”

On whether I had a certain Super Bowl player in fantasy football this year and would frequently tweet his first name (often with an exclamation point) when he scored a touchdown…on the rare occasion that Montee Ball didn’t steal his damn goal line carries: “No comment.”

On the top pick in fantasy next season: “Peyton.”

On the fantasy sleeper: “I’m just focused on my first round pick right now.”

On my Richard Sherman opinion: “I wasn’t a fan at first, but eh — whatever.”

On my Marshawn Lynch opinion: “Great RB to watch. I truly don’t care if he does/doesn’t do interviews.”

On anything I’d change from my media week experience: “I probably would have dressed up for media day.”

On the costume choiceWonka


On any other ideas?: Mask


On the best food in Jersey City: “Pizza place called ‘3 guys from Italy.’ Or Quiznos. Also, 7/11 has a 2 for $4 special on Spicy Nacho Doritos.”

On the best Super Bowl story so far:Ian O’Connor’s story about Demaryius Thomas was really good.”

On the top five writers covering the Super Bowl: “I just stay in my lane and don’t get into that stuff.”

On whether I’m enjoying this interview: “I’m just here so I don’t get fired.”



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