Susan Herbst (AP)

Thoughts on religion in sports…

  Ernest Jones isn’t in South Bend anymore, and maybe it took some time for the new UConn running backs coach to realize that. Jones sparked a mini-controversy when he said “we’re going to make
LeGarrette Blount (AP)

Behind Blount, ever-evolving Pats back in familiar territory

FOXBOROUGH, MASS. — He’s been in New England for seven years now. He’s played in two Super Bowls and has been reliable as anyone on Bill Belichick’s ever-evolving, perennially-contending roster. By

The Duffle Bag returns…

So normally I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I think they’re lame and most people never follow through with them. But when we hit 2014, I realized that I was in very poor physical shape and that The

Catching up on The Duffle Bag…

Hello friends, How was your Labor Day Weekend? Probably better than mine. On Saturday morning, I pulled my hamstring during the first series of a truly pathetic flag football game, a painful 45-minute

Maroney in Hartford, has sights set on Rio

McKayla Maroney earns the gold as an interview (for me, Jim Calhoun is silver and Shabazz Napier is bronze…clearly I need to branch out a little). Anyway, Maroney, in Hartford for this weekend’s

UConn O-Line looks to erase painful 2012 campaign

You watched UConn football last season, so you know how dreadful its offense looked. Still, some of these numbers are astounding: 3.52 — Yards per carry by UConn’s top three running backs in 2012. 24

A-Rod, Johnny Football and the temptation to cheat…

The co-ringmasters of this week’s sports circus: Alex Rodriguez and Johnny Manziel. A-Rod, of course, is appealing an unprecedented 211-game PED suspension. Johnny Football is in the midst of an NCAA

Can The American fit with the Power Five?

Talk of the Power Five splitting off to form their own football division will only intensify from here. Something will happen soon. Problem is, none of us know what. I addressed the subject this past