And then there was one BPT boe seat up for grab

BRIDGEPORT – With the Democratic nomination this week of three state-appointed school board members to fill vacant seats one the Bridgeport Board of Education through the electoral process, the only question leading up to the special election on September 4 is if the fourth seat will go to a Republican or a member of the Working Families Party which already has two returning members on the nine-member panel.
I am waiting to hear back.

Rev. Kenneth Moales, Hernan Illingworth and Jacqueline Kelleher were the only practicing member of the state-appointed board eligible to be elected as they all live in the city. The rest live out of town and Michelle Black Smith-Tompkins who does have a local address, disappeared from board meetings about a month after she was appointed.

So, in any case, it appears there will definitely be a blend of the old and new board this fall. It’s going to be interesting.
Feel free to tell me what you think.

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Linda Lambeck

2 Responses

  1. Lindsay says:

    The real question for these three is whether or not they support the Charter revision. Are they hypocritical enough to run for an office they no longer want to see elected?

  2. E says:

    We need a completely new board from the State Appointed one. We have a superintendent who was supposed to be temporary for one year, has a second job in Illinois, and now the illegal board is trying to sign him for a 5 year contract! He is looking to spend tons of money to outside vendors and consultants, but is cutting teachers. He has a terrible history in his past and is not doing much good here. Get rid of the state appointed board (all of them) and Vallas.