One Ed fund empties, another set to begin

BRIDGEPORT — The state-appointed city school board emptied its Fairfield County Community Foundation piggy bank Monday, asking for a withdrawl of the final $126,000 in a “Bridgeport Education Reform Fund” to pay for Interim School Superintendent Paul Vallas’ salary through December.

 The  Bridgeport Education Reform Fund was established last January to help pay for Vallas and members of his staff while the district continued to pay severance to John Ramos, its last schools chief. In January 2013, Ramos will stop collecting a check from the city and taxpayers will begin to pay for Vallas’ salary.

  The fund, fueled by anonymous donors, must of had in excess of $441,000 at one point. As of May, $315,250 has been dispersed from the fund to pay for Vallas’ salary through June, the salaries of several members of his staff and membership in the Council of Great City Schools.  Board Chairman Robert Trefry, said the $126,000 withdrawal will empty the account. Sallie Mitchell, communication director for the foundation, said the fund will then close.

  Next week, however, officials expect to announce the establishment of a Good Schools Bridgeport Fund which will also be set up in the Fairfield County Community Foundation. Good Schools will have a broader, longer-term focus than just paying for transition and district reform efforts, said Trefry.

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Linda Lambeck

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  1. Linda Conner Lambeck says:

    The entire FCCF is not empty, just the Bridgeport Ed Reform fund which sits in the foundation.

  2. percy says:

    Wow! Many of us have contributed to the Fairfield County Education Community Fund for years.It was there for a very long time, Now, it is toally wiped out. They are just trying to assuade us by saying there will be another fund. Look how long it took to develop the former one. These Teach for America teachers are making themselves look good by agreeing with all of these crazy things going on in education. Most are naive and are here for only a few years. They are trying to go up the ladder of success too fast. They should be listening to the seasoned teachers and learning instead of racing down a path they know little about. Did you know many do not even have a Masters degree and are widdling away the taxpayer’s money by pretending to teach their children when they are clueless.

  3. CT teacher says:

    Always money for Vallas…warning from NOLA to CT:

    Vallas spent almost the entire last year of his time as the RSD Supt. in New Orleans out of the country “helping” Haiti and Chile with their education systems after their disasters. For some reason, the state of Louisiana didn’t seem to have a problem with that. He was almost always out of the country during BESE(state board of education) meetings. When a couple of BESE members questioned his continued absence – i.e. how could he be fulfilling his duties as the Supt. Of the RSD when he was out of the country 70% of the time? – they were toldthat it was built into his contract that he could take on other consulting jobs.

    They were told “his people” were handling the day-to-day. Only problem was that he was being paid almost $300k to be in charge. Meanwhile, the RSD schools never improved much from before they were taken over, and there were numerous budget problems when the federal disaster aid dried up. (Which is coincidentally when he decided to take his leave of N.O.)

     Also, he did the exact same thing in N.O.  – brought in numerous “consultants” at exorbitant prices to get things moving, which mostly included no-bid contracts with out-of-state companies for shady educational services. All were people who were connected to him politically or worked with him in Philadelphia and Chicago.

    They got rid of the La. people – said they couldn’t afford so many people on staff – and then hired the outsiders at salaries so high as to be laughable. (majority were 25 years oldish, many were TFA with little education experience). He spent money like it was going out of style for very questionable products and services. (See past reports on the bus system that cost La. twice or three times what it was costing
    in other cities and states.)

     And let’s not forget when Vallas got caught driving a state-issued car back home to Chicago every other weekend and having the La.taxpayers pick up the tab on the gas. He claimed he “didn’t know” that he wasn’t supposed to use the state car for personal use. Well, first he claimed that he was “working” on the entire trip, but that didn’t hold up when it was discovered that he was attending Illinois political meetings. He got caught when he wrecked the state vehicle in Ill., which triggered the state legislative auditor to investigate further. But no worries, the State Supt. at the time (Paul Pastorek, a previously high-paid attorney and biggest crook you can think of) offered to pay the state back for Vallas’ gas because he supposedly gave Vallas the authority to drive the car back home – claiming he really didn’t think that was an illegal use of state property?!?!?  Geez. Of course, that debt was never really
    paid back.

    People of CT., please beware. Vallas is bad news. He will suck your community dry and then bug out when the frying pan gets too hot, leaving you with nothing but debts and confusion.