Community College Presidents jobs not in jeopardy

HARTFORD — Any concerns community college presidents still had concerning their job security in the wake of the Board of Regents for Higher Education debacle last week were put to rest this afternoon with a statement released by Lewis Robinson, chairman of the board.

 Here is what he wrote to college presidents:

“Community College Presidents,

 As you are all aware, there has been a great deal of uncertainty and ambiguity regarding the meeting that took place on September 24, 2012, between the Community College Presidents and Steve Weinberger, the VP for Human Resources. It has been reported to the Board of Regents that during the meeting, Mr. Weinberger communicated that if a president of a community college elected to step down and provided notice prior to October 31, 2012, that a separation agreement would be negotiated with the departing president. The Board has not authorized any such arrangement and to the extent such an arrangement was offered at that time or thereafter, it is hereby rescinded.

Following that September 24 meeting, it was learned that Robert Kennedy, president of the board had given raises to Mike Meotti, vice president of the board and 20 others on his staff without knowledge or concent of the board of regents. Both resigned last week. Former University of Connecticut President Philip Austin was then named interim president of the Board of Regents. Gov. Dannel Malloy said Tuesday he had not yet signed the paperwork necessary to make the appointment happen but would do it soon.

Linda Lambeck