Bridgeport middle schoolers start to compete on the field

BRIDGEPORT — This year for the first time in eons, city middle schoolers got the chance to participate in a middle school track and field team, thanks in larger part to Chris Kinsley, a Blackham teacher who was first to raise his hand when the district asked for volunteers to run an afterschool sports program for grades 6-8.

Saturday, students who are practicing under Kinsley participated in their first regional event. Here is Kinsley’s report on what they did:

“Blackham Middle School repressented the City of Bridgeport in the CT Middle School State Championships today. The first time a middle school from Bridgeport has ever done that. Because of the storm this past week we were missing 12 of our kids due to displacement in the Bronx, New Rochelle, New Haven etc. They needed to move out to relatives who had heat and couldn’t make it to school to catch the bus this mornning. The kids learned what it’s like to start with over 350 other runners! They learned about being shoved, tripped and pushed around on the course. They picked themselves up and continued! They finished the race. Nobody was last. Coaches also learned somethings too. Next year we’ll be better prepared. Wait till this spring on the oval! Thanks for the support from all of you who have helped out. Track & Field will start in February and thanks to some donations from “Anonymous” sources and a matching contribution we could have the equipment we need to start training and perform well for the T&F  season.”

Linda Lambeck