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Bridgeport 12-13 BOE budget balanced if everyone pays up


BRIDGEPORT — Go to the city school district’s website today and find something unique, a quarterly financial report. Haven’t seen one of those in a while.

It shows where the district is as of October 31, 2012. The district has a $225.4 million operating budget, but at hand at the moment is $215.8. The city still has to kick in its $5 million and the state $4.4 million in Educational Cost Sharing funds, according to district officials. To get its ECS money, the district had to submit an Alliance District application to the state detailing how it was going to use the money to improve student achievement. It was one of the first to do so. It is one of a handful still not approved. Not sure what the hold up is but state officials keep saying “they are close” to approving the district’s plan.

Meanwhile, the line item for teacher salaries looks red. Officials insist it is not.
The bottom line is a projection of a balanced budget, according to the report.
Also somewhat unique of late in the district.

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Linda Lambeck

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  1. percy says:

    Let’s switch the suburban kids with the inner-city parents and the innercity kids with the suburban parents. Then, you’d see the suburban kids failing because of the lack of parental involvement and the inner city kids gaining ground because of parental involvement. By the way, many of the suburban schools don’t even have the Smartboards in every room like Bridgeport. It’s the parents who make the difference , not the technology or the teachers. They can’t make up for a parent who doesn’t teach them how to read at home. Some parents are really helpful because they care but the majority of them don’t care. Bridgeport public schools are already serving dinner at some schools. So, what’s next? Hotel rooms in the schools!!!! They drive Lexus and Hummers to school to drop their kids off but they can’t pick up a book to read with their kids. Parents who are blaming the system. Look in your own backyard!

  2. percy says:

    So, are we correct in thinking that my children’s teacher’s are not going to be getting a raise after being the most poorly paid in the state of Connecticut!!!!! We’ll have to go to the weekly meetings at the Aquaculture School to see what’s happening. The teachers are NOT going to go for this one. Teachers work their ___ off.