Bridgeport Guidance staff gets SAT prep

BRIDGEPORT — City guidance counselors participated last week in a College Board webinar designed to prevent any future students from being turned away from any future SAT testing in the future.

Last month, a number of city students were turned away at Bassick High School because they lacked up-to-date identification cards which are now necessary to take the SAT’s. The new rules, designed to prevent impostors from taking the test, make no exceptions, even when the test monitors are teachers who know the students.

Last week, more than 170 city students took the November SAT test without incident, said Michael Testani, head of guidance for the district. Testani told members of the Board of Education’s Student achievement committee that the guidance staff is working to make sure they know every student planning to take the test, even though they each have a case load of about 300 students.

According to Testani, about 100 juniors in each high school are enrolled in an SAT prep class but there are others who take the SAT’s on their own.

The district is also working to give the picture ID’s given to students a longer shelf life. One thought is to give students an ID card that wouldn’t expire until they graduate. Board member Sauda Baraka suggested the district might adopt what New Haven apparently does and give students an annual card that wouldn’t expire until the end of October each year. The SAT’s are traditionally given in early October. Some students don’t get new ID’s until after that time.

Linda Lambeck