Wanted: New Chief Talent officer

HARTFORD — Barely six months into the role as the state’s new chief talent officer, Diane Ullman is apparently leaving the post.

The state Board of Education at its meeting on Wednesday, is slated to accept the resignation of Ullman and appoint Sarah Barzee, director for Leadership Development at the department as

interim officer to the position. The job was created to help the state roll out its new teacher evaluation system. That system is being tried out in 10 school districts, including Norwalk and Bridgeport, this year.

Ullman left a job as superintendent of the Simsbury School district at the end of the fiscal year in June to help direct the new system that rates teachers based in part on how well students perform on standardized test scores.

Kelly Donnelly, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Education said Ullman will continue her work with the department as Senior Advisor to the Commissioner in the area of educator evaluation and support. Ullman’s retirement plan places restrictions on post-retirement employment in school districts in Connecticut, which also includes the SDE, Kelly said. Under these parameters, Ullman will transition into her role as Senior Advisor, and Barzee will assume the responsibilities as interim Chief Talent Officer upon approval of the State Board of Education.

Sarah Barzee

Linda Lambeck