Guess who wants to open a charter school

Rev. Kenneth Moales Jr.

Rev. Anthony Bennett

Rev. Kenneth Moales, a Bridgeport City School board member and Rev. Anthony Bennett, pastor of Mt. Aery Baptist Church, are among two dozen people to tell the state they are potentially interested in running a state-funded charter schools. Also, three of the potential applicants appear to be partnering with urban school districts. Aquila E. Hayes says she wants to partner with Bridgeport Public Schools and two other applicants want to partner with Windham Public Schools.

In all, 9 of the letters are from people who want to open a charter school in Bridgeport. One is for Danbury, another in Stamford. Last month, the state invited those interested to submit “Letters of Interest.” A formal Request for Proposals process is anticipated early this year, even though the state is facing a budget deficit.

Charter schools are publicly funded schools that run independent of local school board control. Currently there are 17 in the state including four in Bridgeport: Bridge Academy, Park City Prep, New Beginnings and Achievement First.

Preference is being given to schools developed in high need areas and who want to focus on dual language or English as a Second language students as well as schools that can address the racial and ethnic isolation in Hartford. A letter of interest is not mandatory for those that ultimately seek to apply.

Those that expressed interest include:

Kenneth Moales, Bridgeport, partnering with the Wilmington Delaware Prestige Academy Charter School

Patricia Erin Lichtenstein, Bridgeport

Tony Sidall, Bridgeport, partnering with Achievement First

Aquila E. Hayes, Bridgeport, partnering with Bridgeport School Dist

Dr. Anthony L. Bennett, Bridgeport

Linda Brown, Bridgeport

Michael Thomas Duffy, Bridgeport

Kathleen Sullivan, Bridgeport

Toni Giannone, Bridgeport, partnered with Speech Express, LLC

Eugene Campbell, Stamford, partnering with Yerwood Center

Gregory Middleton, Danbury

Rev. Lindsay E. Curtis, Norwalk

Susan Zerio, East Haven

Dr. Isaak Aronson New Haven

Althea Cordner, Hartford

Bernard Thomas, Hartford

Ismail Agirman,  New Haven

Chaka Felder, New Haven

Valarie Shultz-Wilson, New Haven, partnered with Urban League Southern CT

Jill Bongiolatti, Winsted, partnered with  First Robotics

Elsa M. Nunez, Windham, partnering with Windham School Dist

Ron Ward, Norwich, partnering with the Center for Montessori Teacher Ed. NY

Dr. Barbara L. Ruggiero Waterbury The Childrens Community School

Bob Rath, Windham, partnered with Windham Public School

Linda Lambeck