Butler Student Transcripts now available

The state Office of Higher education just released the following:

HARTFORD – Former Butler Business and Sawyer School students can now get their student transcripts from the State of Connecticut’s Office of Higher Education. To obtain copies, students must complete and mail a one-page form to the Office of Higher Education. Only mailed copies can be accepted as original signatures are required.

 Students may complete the form online, and then print and sign a copy before sending it to the Transcript Release Officer, Office of Higher Education, 61 Woodland Street, Hartford, CT 06105-2326.

 The Office of Higher Education has notified all former Butler Business and Sawyer School students who have registered on its website (www.ctohe.org) that transcripts are now available. In addition, the Office has posted the information on its website, along with the following important updates:

· The Office of Higher Education is the legal custodian of all student records. The license and accreditation of the former Butler Business and Sawyers Schools have been revoked. As a result, no entity or person is able to re-open these schools. Both former Butler/Sawyer students and employees should beware of anyone making claims to the contrary.

· The Office of Higher Education has provided copies of Butler/Sawyer School curricula with schools which have volunteered to help former Butler/Sawyer School students continue their studies. Schools must compare the Butler/Sawyer School curricula with their own, make adjustments where needed and obtain appropriate approvals from federal and accrediting authorities before enrolling students. We are asking all schools to complete curricula comparisons by 1/18/2013 so that we may then hold information/transfer sessions for Butler/Sawyer School students in Hartford, Bridgeport and Hamden. Students should monitor their email and www.ctohe.org for updates.

 · Former Butler/Sawyer students should very carefully weigh the following options and financial implications as they consider continuing their studies:

 1. Teach out – Students may elect to complete their studies and externships through possible “teach out” arrangements created by schools which have volunteered to help former Butler/Sawyer School students. In this option, students will continue to be responsible for paying any federal loans they have obtained previously while attending Butler/Sawyer Schools.

 2. Transfer – Students may elect to transfer their previous earned coursework to another school pending the school’s review of their transcript. Under this option, students would have to re-apply for financial aid through the new school in which they are enrolling. Transfer students may have to obtain additional loans or aid to complete their studies.

3. Restart – Students who have a significant amount of federal loans, and who do not choose a “teach out” or transfer option, may have their federal loans forgiven due to the sudden closure of these schools. Students who enrolled recently at Butler and Sawyer Schools, and are responsible for repaying large amounts of federal loans, may want to give this option serious consideration.

 More information on these options, financial aid and other developments will be available via student emails and at www.ctohe.org as soon as available. Plans for student information/transfer sessions in Bridgeport, Hartford, and Hamden are underway and will be scheduled as soon as schools and the Office of Higher Education have more complete and accurate information to share with students.

Linda Lambeck