If you go to Harding, odds are you won’t graduate


BRIDGEPORT — The numbers are shocking, even for someone who has covered city schools here for awhile.

 Only 45.1 percent of the 435 freshmen who entered Warren Harding High School in the fall of 2007 graduated with their class in June 2011. (Another 14.7 percent were still enrolled.) That is according to statistics the district supplied to the state. That compares to 61 percent graduation rate at Bassick and 73.8 percent at Central. District-wide, the four year graduation rate for the Class of 2011 was 60.5 percent, with 13.2 percent still in school.

  In 2011, Harding was in the hands of Global Partnership, a private firm headed by Rudy Crew and Manuel Rivera, two high-profile, former school superintendents who used $2.2 million in federal School Improvement Grant funds to help “restart” the school. Global was let go last June.

No comment yet from the district.


Linda Lambeck