Bridgeport calls it a week, make that two.

This just in from Bridgeport Public Schools:

“Due to the extensive snow accumulation and subsequent safety hazards along walking routes, Bridgeport Public Schools will be closed for the remainder of the week.  While we are disappointed at the loss of any instructional time, the safety of all  students and staff must continue to be our first priority.”

Paul G. Vallas

Superintendent of Schools

In addition, although Mayor Bill Finch and Vallas have indicated they would like to see school next week, which is a scheduled school vacation week, all indication I have received is that will not happen.

School will be back in session on February 25, barring more weather. A week later state standardized testing begins. Vallas has asked for a delay but don’t count on that happening.

Vallas sent staff a letter this week where he asked them if they would prefer working the February or April break. (Given all the snow, the April break is all but gone). According to Vallas some “500” teachers emailed him back and that two thirds prefer working the February break.

The “informal poll”, however, was seen by the Bridgeport Education Association as a violation of the collective bargaining agreement.

Vallas said he was simply asking a question and acknowledged he can’t change what is already written into the contract.

In the meantime, others have weighed in. Hernan Illingworth, a member of the school board and parent of a Central High School student, says he wants to keep things as they are now and keep with the scheduled February break but wants to consider changing it in the future.

Ondrea Moore, president of the District Parent Action Committee would just as soon students go to school next week.

Linda Lambeck