Connecticut is sixth in Advanced Placement participation

The College Board on Wednesday released its annual Advance Placement Test report. In it, Connecticut ranked sixth in terms of public high school graduates who managed to take and pass the test, meaning they scored a 3 or better out of a possible five.

Here is the top 10 list:

Maryland (29.6%)

New York (28.0%)

Massachusetts (27.9%)

Florida (27.3%)

Virginia (27.2%)

Connecticut (26.9%)

Maine (24.8%)

California (24.7%)

Colorado (24.2%)

Vermont (22.8%)

According to the College Board, more high school students, nationwide, are taking and passing the college level courses and exams.

Among the class of 2012, the number of high school graduates taking AP Exams increased to 954,070, (32.4%), up from 904,794 (30.2%) among the class of 2011 and 471,404 (18.0%) in 2002 among the class of 2002.

• The number of high school graduates scoring a 3 or higher increased to 573,472 (19.5%), up from 541,000 (18.1%) among the class of 2011 and 305,098 (11.6%) among the class of 2002.

In Connecticut, participation is at an all-time high. The Class of 2012, polished of 38,505 AP  Exams during high school, including 13,735 in STEM disciplines. The 10 most popular AP Exams taken by Connecticut’s public high school graduates, in descending order of popularity, were: US History, Englsh Literature and Composition, English Language and Composition, Psychology, Calculus AB, Biology, Statistics, Chemistry, US Government and Politics, Spanish.

More than 3,300 colleges and universities in the country received AP scores from students last year, including 46 colleges and universities in Connecticut.

Here is a link to the Connecticut report:

ap report

Linda Lambeck