Memo to mayor

BRIDGEPORT — Following Monday’s school board meeting which ended with the newly elected board chair threatening Sauda Baraka, a board member trying to censor him, Baraka wrote the following letter to Mayor Bill Finch. The letter was shared with the media.

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Linda Lambeck

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  1. percy smith says:

    Miss Fix it Now! AKA EXCEL BRIDGEPORT TEAM (SOUNDS LIKE JM OR MZ. HA HA. Let’s see. It’s going to be real hoot. Sauda and Maria are not going to back down. As far as dropouts, let’s talk about parents like you whom are ot like some inner-city parents that actually take the time out to work with their children. No! You have an ax to grind with the fact that the teachers union laughs about you and your stooges down at the Old Excel Gas Station. If you go to the Black Rock Coffee Shop , you can hear it all. There are a lot of teachers whom don’t like you and your fool ideas about EDUCATION in the district .We hear it all. It’s so interesting to learn about you and your foolhardy ideas. I love the teachers and we stand by them. So, the kids will be learning the same way they always did. Read a book with your kid and then we can talk. You need to step up and be a parent. By the way, the libraries are empty after school. So, where is your concern if you can’t visit the library after school? Hmm. Ha Ha!

  2. FixTheSchoolsNOW says:

    Bridgeport educator: Baraka is an elected official. Her home address and phone number is public. You can find it yourself on the Board of Education’s website.

  3. FixTheSchoolsNOW says:

    Instead of taking the time to write this letter, why doesn’t Baraka spend time coming up with a plan to FIX OUR SCHOOLS? Worst dropout rate in the state. What you doing about that? Nothing. Wanna know why? Because she’s not about fixing our schools, she’s about hurling our schools off a cliff in order to settle her political grudge against Finch and the city. Shameful. RESIGN your seat now Baraka. You won’t be re-elected in November. Not with your record of pettiness and failure.

  4. Linda Conner Lambeck says:

    I specifically asked the letter writer if I could share the letter and it was sent to me by the letter writer, who is an elected public official.

  5. Bridgeport educator says:

    It is unbelievable that you published the letter writer’s address Ms Lambeck. The letter was not addresses to you nor were you copied. I wonder what your reasoning is?