Local charter school survey on line for Bridgeport parents, teachers

BRIDGEPORT — Parents and staff will get to sound off on the idea of creating a new locally funded charter school in the city by filling out a survey now on line on the Bridgeport Board of Education website.

Here is the link:


The plan, outlined to the board of education this week, would put a Montessori school in the former Whitter School on the city’s West end, as soon as next year.

A public hearing on the plan is schedule for May 20 At Aqua.

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Linda Lambeck

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  1. percy smith says:

    It’s going to be pretty funny when we Blackrock parents vote against this charter school that will benefit the founders most of all. 7:30 to 6:00 and six weeks of summer. Oh no! Public school teachers are the ones that need to get more pay and have two aides per rm. How dare they insult these hard workers intelligence. Deal with the depravity they deal with everyday! Isn’t it great that Gomes won the PAC. This is what the public parents want.