Deal struck in Bridgeport School Governance Council beef

HARTFORD — Commissioner of Education Stefan Pryor had that sit down Thursday with Bridgeport Schools Superintendent Paul Vallas and Gary Peluchette, president of the  Bridgeport Education Association.

What resulted is a single sentence agreement, that both parties signed, that promises the two sides will work together to successfully implement School Governance Councils as required by the Connecticut General Statutes.

The BEA, through its parent organization, the Connecticut Education Association, filed a complaint last month with the state Department of Education, saying the district and its superintendent was disregarding the law.

 Pryor dismissed the complaint, saying the union hadn’t first tried to settle the matter locally but asked for a meeting with both sides. Afterwards, he said he was pleased with the outcome.

“Both sides agreed communication could have been better,” said Pryor. He said the most import part of the agreement was that there would be an effort to work together.

There is no time frame in the agreement for making sure the district has the councils in each of its schools. Under the law, the 14-member councils need to be in 28 schools in the district.

 The councils serve in advisory capacity to help the school administration in analyzing student achievement  data, review the budget, interview principal candidates, and help the principal make changes to improve the school. In addition to the principal, the councils are to have seven parents, five teachers, and two community members.






Linda Lambeck