One emergency shy of budget trouble

BRIDGEPORT — The 2013-14 fiscal year is two weeks away and already there is potential trouble on the horizon for Housatonic Community College along with the 11 other community colleges in the state. A 4 percent increase from the state along with a 5.23 percent increase in tuition will only cover contractual salary increases. The Board of Regents for Higher Education approved the budget this week.

Housatonic Community College President Anita Gliniecki described the new budget as “bare bones.”

As of now, Housatonic will maintain its library hours and hopes to maintain  tutoring capabilities by changing some of the delivery, according to Gliniecki . “Any unanticipated event such as the storms we had last year or equipment failure will have us go negative as there is no money to cover those costs,” Gliniecki  said.


Linda Lambeck