With Vallas out, if he is out, who should keep the seat warm?

BRIDGEPORT — With Paul Vallas ordered removed from office Wednesday by a superior court judge while an appeal by the city moves forward, some have immediately begun suggesting who should serve as interim schools superintendent in his place.

Gary Peluchette, president of the Bridgeport Education Association, said the school board should call on Sandy Kase, chief administrative officer for the district, to take over. Kase, a former New York City school administrator, came to the district with Vallas. She has been the driving force behind the districts new curriculum and instructional models and has been trying  to make the state’s new teacher evaluation system work.

“We hope that the BOE calls upon Sandra Kase to lead the district at this time, as she is qualified to do so, and that her appointment would be in the best interest of the students and staff during this time of transition.”

 Mark Kaufman, a parent who is interim president of the District Parent Advisory Council, agreed.

“I think her motives are different than (Vallas). She worked in the New York City School system. I trust her,” said Kaufman, who said he stopped liking Vallas when he laid off two staff members at the Parents Center in what Kaufman called a “personal vendetta.”

Board Chairman Kenneth Moales Jr., meanwhile, was still insisting Wednesday — despite the ruling ordering Vallas removed immediately — that Vallas was still the district “leader.”

And Deputy City Attorney Arthur C. Laske III said late Wednesday that despite the judge’s order that Vallas be immediately removed “He is still in his job.”

 “A motion for review of the decision to terminate the stay will be filed and the decision has no effect until the appellant court reviews it and evaluates the merits of the judgment, Laske said.

According to Laske, an appeal will be made directly to the state Supreme Court which will have seven to ten days to decide whether to take the case.

 Tammy Boyle, another parent on the district PAC who said she was ecstatic about the decision doesn’t think so and said it is time to look ahead.

“Now we can move forward and find a qualified and certified superintendent that the children of Bridgeport so deserve. The decision that was made today made a statement to the people and that is NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW ….,” she wrote in an email.

 As for interim, Boyle said she doesn’t have any suggstion

Ann De Benard, who will retire later this summer as principal at Waltersville School, said for once she is speechless.

“ I think we will all survive … The vast majority of Bridgeport educators work for the children, not for the superintendents,” said De Bernard.

Linda Lambeck