City school board to meet on Vallas today

moalessaudaBRIDGEPORT — The city school board will meet at 5:30 in room 305 of city hall on the Vallas mess.

The agenda calls for a discussion of the legal fees concerning the Matter of Carmen L. Lopez v. Paul Vallas as well as transition planning and a search committee for the position of superintendent of schools.

There has been an ongoing tug of war between board members Sauda Baraka and board chairman Kenneth Moales over holding a meeting. Baraka wanted and expected a meeting on Monday as Moales suggested last week would happen. He later took it back saying he didn’t have enough information yet to hold a meeting. Ironically, at least two members of the public showed up Monday at the board’s ongoing termination hearing against Tisdale Principal Carmen Perez Dickson thinking it would be a meeting about Vallas. They left when they found out otherwise.

Baraka, determined to hold the meeting, filed notice with the city clerk’s office Monday afternoon for a meeting at 4 p.m. Tuesday to discuss a list of questions, including who is paying for the city’s efforts to keep Vallas as the district superintendent. Moales, sending a notice to the city clerks office after it closed Monday, cancelled that meeting. Then late Monday, a new notice was emailed that said the meeting would take place 5:30 on Tuesday, a half hour before the board resumes its Dickson termination hearing.

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Linda Lambeck

2 Responses

  1. I worked with Carmen Dickson. I did not approve of many of her actions as head principal. I believe that she was wrong to do what was described in the news and should no longer work with children. BUT I think she should be allowed to retire and collect her earned benefits. At some time in her career she must have made a difference to some students. For the good that any educator did for even a single child, I believe they should receive an earned retirement. She was wrong. She has been publicly humiliated. Now let her go in peace – but never let her return to education.

  2. Sally Brown says:

    Carmen Perez Dickson’s lawyer tried to trivialize the principal’s physical child abuse by calling it “child handled” and that we saw a snippet – not what happened before or after. Bottom line, there are social workers, guidance counselors, teachers, security guards, nurses, teacher’s aides – many staff members the principal could have utilized to assist in restraining a child or transporting him or her to the office. Carmen man handled and abused children to show her dominance and control. “I’m not havin’ it” is a quote that she has used for many years. Wasn’t it sexual abuse when she went into the boys’ lavatory with 8th grade boys using the urinals to “monitor their behavior”? She has crossed the line and the children of Bridgeport need a true advocate against this bully.
    Perhaps in her career she helped a child or a few. For that past good deed, let her retire in disgrace.