City school board to meet on Vallas today

moalessaudaBRIDGEPORT — The city school board will meet at 5:30 in room 305 of city hall on the Vallas mess.

The agenda calls for a discussion of the legal fees concerning the Matter of Carmen L. Lopez v. Paul Vallas as well as transition planning and a search committee for the position of superintendent of schools.

There has been an ongoing tug of war between board members Sauda Baraka and board chairman Kenneth Moales over holding a meeting. Baraka wanted and expected a meeting on Monday as Moales suggested last week would happen. He later took it back saying he didn’t have enough information yet to hold a meeting. Ironically, at least two members of the public showed up Monday at the board’s ongoing termination hearing against Tisdale Principal Carmen Perez Dickson thinking it would be a meeting about Vallas. They left when they found out otherwise.

Baraka, determined to hold the meeting, filed notice with the city clerk’s office Monday afternoon for a meeting at 4 p.m. Tuesday to discuss a list of questions, including who is paying for the city’s efforts to keep Vallas as the district superintendent. Moales, sending a notice to the city clerks office after it closed Monday, cancelled that meeting. Then late Monday, a new notice was emailed that said the meeting would take place 5:30 on Tuesday, a half hour before the board resumes its Dickson termination hearing.

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Linda Lambeck