Plaintiffs react to Vallas stay

BRIDGEPORT — The Connecticut Supreme Court today reinstated a stay that will allow Paul Vallas to continue as superintendent of schools in the city, for now. Tonight, Carmen Lopez and Deborah Reyes-Williams who brought the suit against Vallas claiming he was not legally qualified to hold the office of superintendent issued the following statement:


“This decision, which was rendered without a hearing or argument, is not a decision on the merits of our appeal. We look forward to arguing the merits of the appeal because we believe that both the law and the facts on our side.

We are confident that Judge Bellis’ decision will be upheld because it is legally sound, and her findings of fact are supported by the evidence which was introduced at trial.  Paul Vallas is not qualified under Connecticut law to serve as Superintendent of Schools. Nothing said by the Supreme Court today changes that fact. All the court has done is to reinstate the automatic stay which is provided by the Rules of Practice.

We still believe that the law should not be applied differently based upon a party’s political connections or those of his wealthy supporters. If the Connecticut Supreme Court ultimately says that the laws that apply to the rest of us do not apply to the politically well connected, then it will be a very sad day. But today is not day.”

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Linda Lambeck