Moales says he’s having a Certificate of Occupancy “celebration”


This just into my twitter feed:

Kenneth Moales Jr., who is chairman of the Bridgeport city school board as well as pastor of Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, at 729 Union Avenue, is apparently inviting “everyone” (everyone but the press, we asked) to his church at 10 a.m. Sunday for a service, barbecue and “major” announcement. He doesn’t say what it is.

This comes a week after Moales barred a Connecticut Post reporter and photographer from his Sunday morning services and after a Tuesday school board meeting where Moales distributed a flyer on Church stationary outrageously claiming that the same Post reporter was enlisted to work for the Connecticut Working Families Party for reporting about the church’s fiscal and legal woes. Part of that reporting concerned the church’s lack of a certificate of occupancy which was miraculously materialized a day later.

We will keep you posted.





Linda Lambeck