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Bridgeport — After months of hearing the administration’s side of the story and three surveillance videos that showed Tisdale Principal Carmen Perez Dickson dragging small children down the school cooridor in the 2011-12 school year, the embattled principal finally began telling her story during a Friday evening hearing that stretched to 9:30 p.m.

Despite the timing, the hearing was still packed with members of the Tisdale community and others. The hearing will continue next Friday at 5:30 p.m. If it finally wraps up, attorneys for both Dickson and the administration will have to submit briefs so that the school board can receive them and meet to decide on the case within 15 days of the hearing’s conclusion.


Here are a sampling of some of my tweets and retweets from EducationBridgeport which was also there:


Waiting on Dickson’s attorney, Josephine Miller, who is stuck in traffic coming from Stamford. This could be awhile. 


Miller is here. Hearing about to resume. #bridgeport Dickson termination hearing. Mulligan wants BOE 2 wait til attny’s done 2 ask q’s.


3-3-1 vote. #suprise. BOE 2 hold questions til attorneys finish their questions. Does not pass


Administration rests it case! First defense witness is retired Roosevelt kindergarten teacher.


Witness 1 says she saw Dickson with delightful kindergartener who was not being dragged. Teacher 2 says Dickson interacted well, hugged kids


Teacher Henderson says Tisdale needed order. Tone was set by Dickson including how students entered building. Added order.


First defense witness, Shirley Evans retired teacher, giving testimony about visiting the school. Said: child’s demeanor was pleasant.


Henderson: Dickson always found way to make field trips happen even when district didn’t have $. She had so many connections #bridgeport



Dickson had kids wearing uniforms within 2 months of arriving @ Tisdale, said Henderson. Says some teachers were insubordinate to principal.


Dickson maintained professionalism even with irate parents & insubordinate staff, Henderson said.


Henderson says @ Roosevelt security deal with unruly kids. @ Tisdale it was often left 2 principal. #bridgeport


Crystal Mack is going to be a witness for the defense in Dickson termination hearing. Two more to go before Dickson.


Next witness is teacher aide, who is a Dickson character witness. Didn’t like what she read about case so sought Miller out 2 testify.



Tisdale Paraprofessional said Dickson brought “law & order” #Bridgeport talked about a lack of compliance w/ uniform policy

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Teacher aide says Dickson talked 2 her not @ her. Says a lot about her character. Danced with kids in cafe. I thought was she crazy.

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BOE members now arguing over whether notes can be passed to attorneys. Here we go again. #Bridgeport

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Dickson witness got her years mixed up. Quotes hi weapon count @ Tisdale year Dickson was there. #oops



Dickson is testifying.   




Dickson: children were my batteries. Walked school daily. Knew kids. Knew every teacher’s style. I was the cool “aunt” not stuffy principal.



Dickson is describing her style. BOE seems very interested. BVNaDWeIIAA2862

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