Dickson decision drags on.

BRIDGEPORT — The city school board deciding whether or not to fire Tisdale Principal Carmen Perez Dickson deliberated Friday but decided at the outset no vote would be taken until Monday at the earliest.

The panel was down one member _ Leticia Colon _ due to illness and wasn’t quite sure the meeting was properly noticed. As such, the board declared it an emergency meeting, as well as the one they plan to hold at 5 p.m. Monday at the Aquaculture Center. A general business meeting is planned 90 minutes later.

The board has only until Wednesday to decide whether to honor an administration recommendation to fire Dickson after she was captured on three security videos dragging kindergarten children down the hallway of the school in February and March in 2012. When the videos were brought to the administration’s attention, Dickson has been on paid administrative leave since July 2012.

Seven members of the board (two others recused themselves) have met off and on since June to decide her fate. Under state statutes they have until Oct. 30 to decide. A vote could come Monday which will give them two days to draft a written decision.


Linda Lambeck