Nation’s math and reading scores show progress

WASHINGTON — Results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress, or Nation’s Report Card as it is called, show that math and reading scores among students in grades four and eight are higher than they were two years ago.

Out this morning, NAEP tests a representative sample of students in all 50 states. Some 376,000 fourth-graders and 341,000 eight-graders took the test.

This year, 13 states, including Connecticut, also participated in a 12th grade assessment.

The results show that 42 percent of fourth-graders nationwide are performing at the proficient range or above in math.

Here are the results:

NAEP test


In Connecticut, there were slight gains in fouth grade reading and math but none considered significant. In eighth grade reading the score dropped one point, but not  enough to be significant. Ditto eighth grade math scores that dropped two points to 285 (out of a possible 500), not enough to be considered statistically significant.

In all cases state scores were better than the national average.

In eighth grade math, Connecticut scored 285 just one point higher than the nation’s 284. In fourth grade math,  Connecticut’s 243 was two points higher than the nation’s 241.

So where does Connecticut shine? U.S. Department of Education officials say Connecticut managed to narrow its infamous achievement gap somewhat, at least among white and Hispanic students in the fourth grade.

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Linda Lambeck