Fun with Manufacturing Institute for middle school teachers


Last summer, 30 local middle school math and science attended a three-day workshop to learn how to bring manufacturing and technology into their classroom.
Next week, there will be a one-day refresher course that brings together some past participants and others who are considering it for next summer.
The Materials and Manufacturing Institute Follow-up Workshop will be held from 8:30 to noon on Saturday, Feb. 8,in Room 113 of Jennings Hall at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven. Christine Broadbridge, chair of the Southern physics department, is coordinator of the program.

Among the topics to be covered are:

*What would industry like to see changed in the curriculum?

*What technologies should students be familiar with?

*What skills does industry want from students and what are current applicants lacking?

*What can businesses and organizations offer students?

*What is the current status of the labor force, as well as projected numbers?

*What effect will the aging of the Baby Boom Generation have on industry?

 “I’m excited about it because if speaks to my belief that hands on, project based learning is what inspires students and really sticks with them,” said Kathy Saint, president of Schwerdtle, Inc., of Bridgeport. She will be one of the presenters as will Kris Lorch, president of Alloy Engineering of Bridgeport.
The workshop brings together the New Haven Manufacturing Association and the Center for Research on Interface Structures and Phenomena (CRISP) at Yale University and Southern.

The program will be held in Jennings Hall, Room 113. The New Haven Manufacturers Association and the Fairfield County Community Foundation are primary sponsors of the program.

  For more information, contact Saint at 203-330-2750 x138



Linda Lambeck