City school board meets tonight, and Tuesday, and Wednesday.

BRIDGEPORT – Plenty of face time with the city school board this week.

It all starts off tonight with a regular school board business meeting, 6:30 p.m. at the Aquaculture Center. Agenda appears to be light as city school board meetings go. Approval of the Harding High School project is on the agenda. This was to be the topic of a school facilities meeting that has yet to occur so lets see where that goes. Two other things of note on the agenda: the probationary appointment of Carmelo Gonzales to be a miltary liaison at the Bridgeport Military Academy and two, the recall from layoff of Doloes Mason ant Lisa Pavlich, two parent center employees laid off last June by outgoing Schools Superintendent Paul Vallas. The board reinstated the positions.

Next up is a finance committee on Tuesday 5:30 in room 305 of City Hall where the 2014-15 school budget will be previewed, followed by a facilities committee meeting aat 6:30 p.m. That is when you will likely hear the discussion on Harding and a Dunbar construction project – the tired school building, now part of the state’s Commissioner’s Network, is getting a make over. The committee will also review the capital budget and the 2012 decision to consolidate facilities operations with the city. Expect fire works there.

On Wednesday, there will be another double header. The community engagement committee meets at 5:30 p.m. in Room 305 of city hall to hear concerns from Batalla School about the District Parent Advisory Council. The council ousted Batalla’s president and held an election for a new one. Many are not happy with that. Then, if you stick around til 7 p.m., you can catch the School Security Committee, that will once again take up the city police merger with school security and a discussion of expectations of the police and their management.

I plan to be at all of these meetings so if you can’t attend, you want to tune into twitter/lclambeck.


Linda Lambeck