A more common calendar

BRIDGEPORT – How best to schedule 182 school days in between late August and June 30th? It is something districts all over the state seem to struggle with every year, especially when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.

The state in the process of trying to fix all that with a unified calendar system that would be developed in six regions in the state. The new system is supposed to be mandated by 2015-16 but for 2014-15 will be optional. The 2014-15 school year calendar approved by the city school board this week moves in that direction.

School would start on Thursday, August 28 and barring any snow days end on June 16. The “absolute” last day of school would be June 26 so that gives the district eight snow days to play with before the February, then April break are compromised.

About the February break, like this year it is a long weekend not a full week, lasting from Friday, Feb 13 through Tuesday, Feb. 17.

The Holiday recess in December will go through Jan. 2, which falls on a Friday. Spring recess will run from April 13-17.

When the common calendar takes effect, districts will be expected to have certain common vacation periods, with as many as five flexible holidays thrown in. So districts that want to hold school on Veteran’s Day can, and districts that observe Three Kings Day, can.



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Linda Lambeck

3 Responses

  1. BCT says:

    Why do we need the state to mandate the calendar? Local districts are more than capable of setting their own calendar according to the needs of their community. Hartford continues to over reach.

  2. pt24601 says:

    @TheAntiFox There are a bunch of factors:

    1. Many more days off compared to when we were in school. (MLK, Jewish holidays, etc.)
    2. Many districts have parents who insist on a full week of vacation in both February and April.
    3. Most districts go beyond the state minimum 180 days for students. Most are 181 or 182, some are 183.
    4. State law mandates that school can’t go beyond June and fitting in all of the above requires starting before Labor Day.

  3. TheAntiFox says:

    Can someone please inform me as to why public schools now start in late August instead of the day after Labor Day, as it has started for decades out of mind?